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June 24, 2014
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While in the Riviera Maya – Try Agua de Chaya

Aguas frescas (fresh waters) are common place in Mexico.  There is aqua de sandia (watermelon water),  agua de pina (pineapple) but you may not know what that green juice is.   Really you can take any juice like orange juice, pineapple, water and lime, or some prefer agua de chaya made with cucumber, and nopal.  But it all goes into the blender, add the leaves and puree it.   Over ice agua de chaya is refreshing and good for you!

Chaya is a super food. Richer in iron than spinach, health claims of chaya include:  improved blood circulation, aids digestion, improves vision, lowers cholesterol, reduces weight, prevents anemia, improves memory, combats diabetes



Chaya is an indigenous plant, a Mayan spinach so to speak.  It grows as a scraggly tree or big bush.   Fresh chaya may have little hairs on it like a nettle and if you are handling it may make you itch.  If you are making agua de chaya at home, gloves are advised.

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