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July 15, 2014
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While in the Riviera Maya – Discover & Enjoy Temazcal


Long before travelers and tourists came to the Riviera Maya the pre-hispanic people of Mesoamerica were had their own type of spa services set up, a temazcal.  Essentially a sweat lodge which was used to purify the body, like after a ceremonial ball game.   These sweat lodges are enclosed domes where a pit of hot rocks are in the center and water is poured on them.  As the heat and steam increase you begin to sweat, purifying your pores from toxins feeling renewed afterwards.

Today you can experience a temazcal at various Riviera Maya resorts, hotels and bungalows in Tulum.  One of our favorite places to do a temazcal is at Dos Palmas located near Cenote Dos Ojos just south of Xel Ha.  The temazcal starts with a blessing ceremony, then under the stars illuminated by firelight, you enter into the temazcal.  The native guide chants and douses the hot rocks with cenote water, building the steam.   And of course you can leave the sweat lodge anytime should you feel uncomfortable.  After your rustic sauna, a cool plunge into the cenote revives and refreshes your senses.   A rustic dinner served by the Mayan family at Dos Palmas can also be arranged.  The entire evening is truly an off the beaten path experience.

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