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Tribal Yoga- A Fresh Breath of Yoga in Tulum

Tribal Yoga tulum Mexico

Joanne “Fanny” Barry has some big dreams with her new studio, Tribal Yoga. She is hopeful that the ripple effect of her efforts will help to bring peace to the world. She encourages everyone to take a few minutes a day to do yoga and make contact with that inner quiet. “If everyone could do that, the world would be a better place.”

Her commitment to spreading inner quiet is obvious, as she offers 15 minute audios which she provides for free to those who sign up with her for her mailing list.

This is good news if you are planning on a visit to the Tulum area and hope to do some yoga while you are there. You can get a little of Fanny’s philosophy in advance.

Making It Easy for Yogis

Tribal Yoga tulum Mexico

Tribal Yoga is a breeze to find. Anytime you commute between the beach and town, you will find yourself passing the studio. It is located across from the Red Cross on the road that takes you to the beach. Tribal Yoga has added monthly specials to their advantages. If you are hanging out in Tulum for a while, take advantage of Tribal Yoga Monthly passes which will provide you with a big savings. In February, she is running a Valentine’s Day special, which allows you to bring a friend for half price.

Tribal Yoga is Unique in Tulum

Tribal Yoga tulum Mexico

In a sea of yoga studios in Tulum, why should you choose Tribal Yoga? Aside from its serene, light flooded interior and wooden floors, Tribal Yoga was founded on very diverse principles as Fanny is sensitive to the unique needs of each person. She provides five different yoga instructors that offer very different yoga styles. She feels confident that if you come you will connect with at least 3 out of the 5 instructors. She also has programs for visiting yoga instructors which brings even more diversity to her studio. Another bonus is that Acuatic Dive Tulum is located below so you can explore Tulum’s cenotes and sea.

Tribal Yoga tulum Mexico

Another interesting facet of her place is that it provides unique props. Along with the basic blocks, mats and blankets, Fanny provides inversion cords that are anchored to the walls which are used in the Iyengar-based Hatha classes called Hatha with Alignment. These cords provide an almost anti-gravity effect that helps you align more properly, as well as, get deeper extensions into the poses. These unique props along with her mix of classes, including beginner, yin, vinyasa flow, and hour of power, will give you a choice for your program that is not so routine. According to Fanny, “The schedule is very diverse and I hope that diversity will turn more people onto yoga and perhaps raise their vibration if even just a little bit.”

Ongoing Featured Workshops at Tribal Tulum

Dedicated to keeping things fun, Fanny provides guest workshops on a regular basis. From February 18-21, La Voiz Humaine, will be lead by Daniel Prieto. This workshop will focus on the inner connection and working with your voice fusing body movement and sound.

In March, a workshop will be held with Jenny Cornero. She will do 3 days with inversions on the 24th, backbends on the 25th, and then a master class on the 26th.

Yoga In Tulum

Tribal Yoga tulum Mexico

Fanny’s programs integrate well with the collective energy that characterizes Tulum today. Whether you are a beginner or a well-practiced yogi, you should be able to tap into some practices that lead to balance and inner peace, which is better than any souvenir you can buy in a store. And remember those 15 minutes audios mentioned earlier? They are another way you can take a bit of Tribal Yoga home with you to serve as a gentle reminder to stay connected when you plug back into daily life at home!

While in Tulum, visit the magical Mayan Ruins. Use this information to create a fabulous Tulum Day!

Crystal is an expat mom who has been living her dream in the Riviera Maya since 1998. She is the first to admit that her kids get her out exploring and trying new things from beaches to cenotes, dance classes to organic markets. She is a great supporter and advocate of local businesses and grass roots organizations that bring new ideas and products to the area. She is particularly good at finding family activities and healthy food options that take you off the beaten path and into local neighborhoods. Her passion lies within the arts community whether it be painters, musicians or dancers.