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July 10, 2014
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A romantic Mayan legend leads to protecting Riviera Maya


On June 11, the Garden Chacah of Xel-Ha natural park, celebrates their 8th anniversary.  The Garden of Chacah’s is a place where the love of nature is professed. Since 2006, people from from all over have come to Xel-Ha to plant a tree and leave a message about the importance of protecting the environment.    Xel ha is committed to protecting ecosystems and try to put a stop to environmental degradation through tree planting, involving children and adults from around the world.

The Chacah is a plant species of the Yucatan Peninsula that has attributes such as effective medicinal species to skin burns, particularly those produced by other local species commonly called Chechen.

As legend has it, there were two princes who were brothers but they were completely different. One Kinich was quiet and good, while Tizic, the eldest, was grumpy and resentful. The two fell in love with the same girl, the beautiful Nicte-Ha, so declared a duel to the death to win her love. Both brothers Kinich (face of the Sun) and Tizic (anger), were killed in the battle for the maiden, hugging each other in their death the Mayan gods turned them into trees that we know today as Chechen and Chacah.

The brother Tizic reborn as the Chechen tree (poison wood), which is very toxic and burns all who touch him and Kinich as Chacah, whose nectar relieves the poison of Chechen. Both trees to shelter solemnly Nicte-Ha, who died of sadness, but return to life as a beautiful white flower.

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