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Special Services For Even More Special Travelers

wheelchair on the beach

If there is something we appreciate and celebrate the most, is the variety of options we can find at Riviera Maya for tourists. When traveling away from home there is always the uncertainty of relying on companies to fulfill our needs, especially when traveling to a different country where most of the time, language plays an important and decisive role. Everybody travels differently and has a different perception of how their ideal holidays should look like and there is nothing worse than visiting a place that is not suitable or doesn´t provide the facilities you need and deserve. That is why we present to you the many options in Riviera Maya for travelers with special needs.

Transportation Services for the Disabled

Special Shuttle

Since the moment you arrive to Cancun Airport, the journey of your holidays start. There are many companies that offer special transportation for travelers with wheelchairs or another mobility equipment. One of them is For Handicap Travelers, this company provides shuttles with ramps for easy access. They have plenty space for luggage and can fit up to 8 people with extra equipment. Some of the shuttles have space for beds and work as ambulances and allow customers lying on the bed during the ride. Another option for Airport transportation is Cancun Valet, they provide transportation and take unusual requests. These companies are extremely reliable and are among the top ones for Airport transportation.

Another amazing service we have found is Taxicab, they go from Cancun and all the way to Merida. The cabs are very affordable and just a phone call or a whatsapp message is enough to request their service, they also take reservations in advance. Cabs can fit wheelchairs or special equipment and of course they answer emergency phone calls 24/7 to take customers to the hospital if needed.

Mobility Equipment

Inclusive Beach

Wheelchairs, strollers or scooters are also available for rent in Riviera Maya. Playa Mobility is the company that offer all types of mobility options. Walkers, car seats, baby seats, cribs and even oxygen tanks. Delivery in Playa del Carmen is for free and there are affordable fees if your vacation home is in Cancun area or even Tulum.

Once you have found your way of transportation, is easier to find places of entertainment. Most of the bars and restaurants in town have access for handicap people and are located on the ground floor. You can find special ramps for disable people at Playa del Carmen Theater or Sayab which is Playa del Carmen´s Planetarium.

There are also inclusive beaches in Playa del Carmen that have special facilities like ramps and bathrooms. The access to the beach is very easy and they also provide aquatic beach chairs, wheel chairs, life jackets, towels and personalized service from 9am to 5pm. One of the beaches is located at Fundadores park in Playa del Carmen, which is right next to the ferry that goes to Cozumel. The second one is at Punta Esmeralda, which is at the beginning of Playa del Carmen on the left side when coming from Cancun to Tulum.

Medical Service

Red Cross

Another important thing to keep in mind when traveling with kids or family with medical conditions, is the option for a Doctor who can speak English and is willing to provide home visits. We highly recommend Dr Bernardo at Playadoctor, who offers an incredible service. Is always best for him to have access to the medical history of the patient and have important information handy such as allergies x rays for him to follow up with the traveler´s condition. He attends house calls and emergency calls 24/7 from Cancun to Tulum area.

Ambulances are just as important as Doctors and Playa del Carmen and Tulum have one of the best ambulance services in the Riviera. The phone numbers for Ambulance in Akumal area, are: (984) 802 5521 and (984) 129 9471.  Tulum ambulance phone number is:  (984) 877 1100. If you have insurance from home, you should be able to use it at the main Hospitals like Galenia and Hospiten, they also provide Medical service in English.

No matter the location of your next holidays, is a good thing to have this information handy in case of emergency. If you are coming to the Riviera Maya and you happen to need one of the previous services, do not hesitate to contact your personal Concierge at [email protected] or (984) 196 1049.

Paulina is a crazy animal lover who has been living in the Riviera Maya for over 9 years. Her expertise is designing unique vacations for travelers and visitors. This comes from her desire to share her area knowledge, local restaurant secrets, and cool cultural experiences that have been a large part of her life on the coast. Paulina never sits still on her day off as she feels there is always something to see, a new beach to check out or a new restaurant to try. She loves answering questions and helping you plan your next vacation. [email protected]

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