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Riviera Maya Mexican Wine Festival

Mexican Wine Festival

Among all the activities and events going on during this spring, there are some that stand out from the rest. Every year the competition to organize bigger and better events becomes stronger and this time Puerto Morelos will be the honored host of one of the most important events in Riviera Maya. We are of course talking about the Mexican Wine Festival that has managed to gather more sponsors and attendants every time.

The Mexican Wine Festival is more than just an event to go and try a few brands of good wine, the reason why this Festival has become so important it´s because of their success at gathering the main exponents of art in only one activity. Music, Workshops, Dinners and even a Market where different handcraft and local art is shown.

The Creative Team Of Mexican Wine Festival

Wine Festival Comitee

The very first edition of Mexican Wine Festival was developed back in 2011 by the Riviera Maya touristic promotion escrow, and three important organizations; Xcaret, Grupo Quinta and the Association or Riviera Maya Hotels. They saw the Mexican brands of wine were gaining importance and decided it was the perfect time to expose the local brands that would represent and promote Mexican culture.

The purpose of the event was to promote the local wine industry by bringing the brands to the market interested in it. Soon recognized chefs, sommeliers and distributors became interested in this project and the rest is history. This festival is also considered as training for providers of the Tourism industry and makes easier the commercialization between consumers and wine providers, offering practical ways of purchasing the product without going through a 3rd person. For this second edition of the festival, the sponsors and organizing team expect over 2,300 people total.

An Incredible 3 Day Program

Wine and Food Pairing

During the Mexican Wine Festival many activities are designed to delight the attendants, locals and travelers equally. Most of the activities don´t last for too long and you will be able to have wine breaks, in fact you are expected to take wine breaks between one activity and the other.  The first two days of the event; 13th and 14th of April are designated for the conferences and wine tastings. Over 30 experts and wine specialists will be in charge of the conferences which will have all kinds of attendants; students, hoteliers and even owners of wine stores.

The wine tastings of course will be the highlight of the Festival. More than 27 restaurants in Riviera Maya will be opening their doors during the first two days of the Festival, to deliver the unique pairings created by expert sommeliers. Over 16 different wine houses will be exposing their products brought to delight the attendants of the Festival. During the last day you will be able to purchase all the products including local handcraft, artisan cheese for pairings and Mexican chocolate and candy. The main activity of the night will be the traditional stepping on grapes.

Important Details For Visitors

Stepping On Grapes

The Mexican Wine Festival will start this April 13th and will end on the 15th. During the first two days the conferences and wine tasting/pairings will have all the attention. The rate for the conferences the first two days is $350 pesos per day and include 7 conferences, workshops and wine tastings from 9:00am to 2:00pm and from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. For the pairings from 9:00pm to 11:00pm at the 27 Restaurants, the limit will be 30 people per restaurant and the price is $700 pesos per person. During the last day of the festival the local market will open from 9:00pm to 2:00am with a cost of $900pesos that includes transportation to El Pueblito de Mayakoba located on the Cancun-Tulum highway. You can also check the Puerto Morelos properties we have available for rent to stay close to the event and you don´t miss any detail of it.

This is a very important event that wine lovers should not miss. If you want to be part of this massive Festival we recommend you to purchase your tickets in advance by checking the Mexican Wine Festival website or contacting your personal Concierge at [email protected]

Paulina is a crazy animal lover who has been living in the Riviera Maya for over 9 years. Her expertise is designing unique vacations for travelers and visitors. This comes from her desire to share her area knowledge, local restaurant secrets, and cool cultural experiences that have been a large part of her life on the coast. Paulina never sits still on her day off as she feels there is always something to see, a new beach to check out or a new restaurant to try. She loves answering questions and helping you plan your next vacation. [email protected]

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