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October 7, 2016
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Podcast: Yasmin Vera Fun Fitness Vacations in Playa del Carmen

Yasmin Vera
Yasmin Vera is originally from California. She has lived in Playa del Carmen for two years. Yasmin started her luxury fitness business, Fun Fitness Globetrotters, in Cancun but soon moved it to the Riviera Maya based on the diverse outdoor fitness activities available in the area. She confesses to loving all of Mexico, as she vacations in Mexico City, and hopes one day to open a second fun fitness travel spot in Cabo San Lucas, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Yasmin credits the kindness of the Mexican people for making her transition — from a high-powered US attorney to a small business owner in a beach town — an easy one. Loco Gringo Podcast
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Kay moved to the Riviera Maya in 1992 to explore underwater caves. As an expat, Kay has been working in the vacation and tourism profession in Mexico ever since. She is the co-founder of the travel & vacation rental website LocoGringo.com Read her amazing story because she thought she’d only stay 6 months.

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