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Podcast: Maria Azanza Cervantes – Get Lost in the Jungle

Maria Azanza Cervantes
Maria Azanza Cervantes is a transplant from Guadalajara who has lived in the Riviera Maya for 11 years. She has made a life for herself as a saleswoman in a bikini store, a writer, and a real estate agent. Maria came to the area to see the beauty of the Caribbean, but has found her happy place in the jungles. Her marketing and PR firm, Wizard Riviera Maya keeps her busy during the week, but when she wants to get lost, she grabs her tent and her husband to spend three days camping under the canopy of the jungle canopy. Thank you to Buy Playa for sponsoring this episode. They sell only titled properties and are experts in their field! Loco Gringo Podcast
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Maria Recommends Visiting:

  • Bacalar – For the jungle and the sacred cenotes.
  • La Ruta de Cenotes – Puerto Morelos – Over 20 different cenotes to explore.
  • Oaxaca – La Costa Alegre – A beautiful town on the Pacific side of Mexico.
  • Copper Canyon – Chihuahua – A must see while in Mexico


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