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Playarte Pop-Support Stray Animals And Local Art In Riviera Maya
August 25, 2017
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September 1, 2017
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Podcast with Ilse Diamant – Wedding Planner

Ilse Diamant
Wedding Planner and Ambassador of Romance, Ilse Diamant grew up near Cancun before it was a major tourist destination. Her parents helped mold Cancun into the hospitality mecca it is today. This is why it seemed natural for her to study hotel and restaurant management and to fall in love with the destination wedding business. She has built a large network of vendors who help her to make every detail of a wedding perfect. Ilse also started Signature Love Weddings, a foundation which gives couples a chance to have the wedding they deserve Thank you to Buy Playa for sponsoring this episode. They sell only titled properties and are experts in their field! Loco Gringo Podcast
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Kay moved to the Riviera Maya in 1992 to explore underwater caves. As an expat, Kay has been working in the vacation and tourism profession in Mexico ever since. She is the co-founder of the travel & vacation rental website Read her amazing story because she thought she’d only stay 6 months.

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