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July 24, 2014
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Local North Akumal Gals Make Steps to Protect the Turtles


May through October is sea turtle nesting season along much of the Riviera Maya coastline.

By late summer it is no surprise to see hatchings making their way out to sea, while the last of the female turtles come into nest on our shores.   Akumal, known as the place of Turtles is always one of the prime spots locals and tourists alike come to see turtles.   Two women in North Akumal Rocio Cue and Marti Johnson have started a grass roots project in North Akumal to protect the turtles.  With the help of Mexico Conservacion and Loco Gringo, Marti and Rocio created refrigerator magnets with turtle tips for visitors to reference in regards to sea turtle nesting.

These caring women will hand out magnets to be put in the condominiums and vacation rentals on Half Moon Bay in North Akumal.  As the success of this project grows the women have plans to expand the distribution of their magnets throughout the community of Akumal.


Congratulations to Rocio and Marti for their efforts!


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