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October 14, 2013
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Feel good Mexican business story


Do you remember the great handmade chocolate store in Plaza Paraíso Caribe at the entrance to Playacar in Playa del Carmen. We have shared blog posts, photos and more about this great chocolate shop, named Cocoa Craft Chocolate Maker. We discoverd the store last December 2012 and loved their bean to bar chocolate treats. This husband and wife team from Mexico really love what they do and really love making chocolate. Well, we are sad to say that this chocolate shop, our favorite, is now closed but this story has a very happy ending that we wanted to share.

Bean to bar chocolate story that ends well

One day a man walked into Cocoa Craft Chocolate Maker in Playa del Carmen and said, ‘I want to buy your chocolate.’ The obvious next question from the chocolate maker was ‘Sure, which flavors would you like to buy.’ The education process began and the customer was offered different quantity choices, 10 chocolates, 20 chocolates, 1 chocolate. Here have a taste of our chocolates so you can make the best choice! To the surprise of this young Mexican entrepreneur, father and husband, the customer said, ‘No I want to buy your chocolate.’ The chocolate maker was confused and tried again to explain the options this customer had.

The customer finally stated ‘I want to buy all of your chocolate and I want you to come and open chocolate shops in my country. I want to buy all of your chocolate!’ Well, how does one respond to that…

The chocolate maker shook his head in disbelief and talked to the man from the Emirates. The final agreement was the chocolate maker would move and open up chocolate stores throughout the United Arab Emirates with this investor. This was not a customer.

So the chocolate maker went to the Emirates, checked out the deal and now has two chocolate stores with his family with plans to open up many more. Our chocolate store is gone, our bean to bar classes will not happen, but this chocolate entrepreneur has a wonderful opportunity to share the craft of Mexican chocolate making with the world….THE WORLD.

We could not be any happier that our favorite chocolate store in the world has been picked up and taken away on a large business endeavor that will have this wonderful family passionately creating chocolates for the globe! To the Cocoa Craft Chocolate Maker – Suerte la familia, suerte!!


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