Who is LocoGringo?

LocoGringo is a local guide, visitor information, and vacation rental website that has been providing vacation services to international visitors for 20 years. We believe in sharing information with our community and feel the business directory is a great way to highlight local businesses, create a free marketing opportunity for local businesses, and bring local information to guests in the Riviera Maya. LocoGringo has over 5 million visitors to its webpage annually. Our service directory is not new, we just created a new look with up-to-date features. This portion of our website is a popular and has helped millions of people plan their vacations before and during their vacation.

Why is there a free listing?

All listing levels provide business owners with marketing options and control of their business listings. Our previous service directory was a challenge to maintain so we decided to create our new directory, leaving the control in the hands of business owners. Update your information, change your logo or update your services. You are in control of your information, a feature we could not offer in our old directory.

What are the differences between the paid listings?

The main differences in our paid features are more photo options, more text options, and desirable positions in the directory including getting yourself to the top.

Can I get assistance to set up my listing?

No matter which level you opt into, our staff can assist with the set up of your directory page for a small fee. If you are familar with basic online forms, try out your own set up. We have created an assisted option knowing that all people are not comfortable with computers or online forms. Set up costs start at $100 pesos for your first page. Once you request assistance, our staff will send you the list of image dimensions and text requirments. Once you send off the complete information, your listing will be up within 48 hours. The target market for this directory are English speakers so it is highly recommended to submit your listing information in English.

What are the payment options for my paid listing

Payment options are through paypal or local bank deposit. If you require a factura for your payment, please include all necessary information in your paypal payment or through email when verifying your bank deposit. Facturas can not be issued after 5 days of sending or depositing your payment.