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Family Celebration – Three Wise Men And Rosca De Reyes


If you are not familiar with the upcoming local celebration on January 6th, we are about to spill the beans. By now we are sure you have seen a delicious bread at local stores, like a huge donut but with pieces of dry fruit on it. That is the rosca de Reyes, which is a traditional sweet bread that is essential during the Three Wise Men celebration. Every year in Riviera Maya the Three Wise Men celebration bring joy to families and specially kids. Organizations deliver toys and gifts for children in the Yucatan peninsula. And of course there are many events

The Rosca De Reyes Tradition

rosca bread

In religious history the three wise men were the ones who delivered special gifts for baby Jesus in Jerusalem. Most of the people know that on January 6th there must be presents under the Christmas tree for the children of the house. In Mexico the rosca de reyes is also an important part of the celebration, and it is usually for adults although all the family can join. The rosca de reyes symbolizes the crowns of the Three Wise Men. The baby Jesus figure is stuffed inside the bread to represent when Jesus Christ was hidden from the King Herodes. The King who ordered to find him and kill him. To complete the tradition of the rosca de reyes, there is another celebration on February 2nd; Dia de la Candelaria.  The person who finds a baby Jesus figure in their piece of bread, is requested to bring tamales for the Dia de la Candelaria celebration.

A Foodie Celebration

Family tradition

The three wise men celebration welcomes everyone in the family. Group of friends and/or families organize the celebration with the traditional rosca de Reyes and hot chocolate. The rosca de Reyes can be purchased at any local grocery store. You can find the best ones at Sam´s Club, Chedraui or Walmart. It is also accompanied with homemade hot chocolate or champurrado. The bread has inside from 6 to 12 little plastic figures of baby Jesus. Tradition states that each one has to cut his own piece of bread and if you get a figure, you must purchase tamales or put money to buy them  on February 2nd. Which is also an important date and part of the Three Wise Men celebration. The people who get the baby Jesus figure should organize the tamales for February 2nd (Dia de la Candelaria). The Dia de la Candelaria should (hopefully) get the same attendees of the rosca de reyes, if not more. And tamales are also accompanied with hot chocolate, atole or champurrado.

Family Events Near You

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Since December, local stores are full of rosca de reyes and hot chocolate for you to purchase. You can bring the celebration to your vacation home and celebrate with families and friends. Now that you know how the tradition goes. During January 6th there are also local events to celebrate the Three Wise Men or rosca de reyes. At local municipality parks there are rosca de reyes provided by the municipality president. We also suggest a few ideas to get in contact with locals and witness the traditions. El Pueblito in Mayakobá Hotel organized a rosca de reyes contest that will reunite the best chefs of Riviera Maya on January 5th. The event is FREE, family friendly and open to the public access. It will start at 6:00pm and will end at 9:00pm, giving enough time for visitors to enjoy of delicious traditional Rosca de reyes, hot chocolate, artisan beer, wine, esquites and tamales. They kindly ask to donate/bring a toy or gift for the children of local communities. Who will receive the gifts on January 6th.  At Playa del Carmen town there will also be a rosca de reyes celebration on 5th Avenue and Constituyentes street. The event is also FREE and organized by the Tourism Direction of Quintana Roo. Visitors, Tourism workers and public in general is invited. The event will start at 7:00pm and will end at 9:00pm on January 5th, 2018. Finally, La Vagabunda Restaurant in Playa del Carmen will host a fantastic event for children on January 5th at 1:00pm. Kids can paint their faces, design their own letter for the Three Wise Men and meet with them. All accompanies with traditional rosca de reyes, hot chocolate and a special buffet for only $89.00 pesos. Adults can order regular food and drinks from the a ´la carte menu. The restaurant is located on 28 de Julio Avenue and Cancun – Tulum highway. E-mail [email protected] for more detailed information on family friendly activities and other special events in Riviera Maya.

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