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October 7, 2013
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Everchanging face of the Riviera Maya

We have lived in the Riviera Maya for a long time, over 20 years to be exact. Wehave seen businesses open and close, owners change and business locations change. It is part of the culture and a result of the climate. For amny years we have maintained and provided a tourism business directory for visitors as a vacation convenience. The challenage was keeping up with all the new businesses that contributed to the growth of the area. But we think that challenge is now resolved! Our new Tourism Business Directory is free for businesses who want to tell you about their services. This concept helps us to have up-to-date information and provides you, the visitor, a more robust directory for your vacation.

Tourism Business Directory for the Riviera Maya, Costa Maya and Yucatan

We are super excited to offer this service to visitors of the Yucatan Peninsula. We are also thrilled to offer local businesses a way to publicize their business for free. The objective is to give you a go-to-place that has a variety of services listed in one place so you can easily plan your vacation and find things to do. Search by region, search by city or search by activity. Restaurants will be a popular option for sure, though we have added some smaller activities or desires that are not normally listed on other information sites.

We have chosen the task of highlighting all the areas in the Yucatan Peninsula to give you many more options during your visit. There are many city specific resource pages, but there seems to lacking an area wide resource page. So here it is! Few visitors these days just stay in one city. The Mexican caribbean coast is so easy to navigate and public transportation is so reliable, many visitors tour around the area checking out the coastal towns and what they each have to offer. In the last few years, traveling inland is another popular day trip idea for many so we have included inland resources as well!

Your opinion matters – make use of our review area!

Check out the new directory and if you like something, leave a review. We pride ourselves in being local and really love sharing our secrets in the area, but the true test is your opinion and reaction to the businesses and people who live and work here. Your opinion counts and our review option in the directory is there for you!

Paulina is a crazy animal lover who has been living in the Riviera Maya for over 9 years. Her expertise is designing unique vacations for travelers and visitors. This comes from her desire to share her area knowledge, local restaurant secrets, and cool cultural experiences that have been a large part of her life on the coast. Paulina never sits still on her day off as she feels there is always something to see, a new beach to check out or a new restaurant to try. She loves answering questions and helping you plan your next vacation. [email protected]

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