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Diosa Organics- Focus on Health During Your Vacation

Diosa Organics Playa del Carmen

Boost your immune system on vacation and when flying. A local Playa del Carmen business has super foods and natural supplements that will rock your entire body when on vacation! Thank goodness for Diosa Organics, the health conscious, natural supplement company now in Playa del Carmen.

Where To Find Diosa Organics Products

Diosa Organics Playa del Carmen

Find Diosa Organics on Facebook or any of the local weekly markets. The name means Goddess and it good for both Godesses and Gods! in Spanish. Their Goddess Mix gets the most attention, a herbal mixture that uses known global ingredients. Their Super Mix and Super Greens Mix come in a popular close second for people looking for a healthful boost.

How Diosa and It’s Products Came To Be


Brett Acker and Victoria Chaires are the owners and creators of Diosa Organics. I recently met up with them to review their philosophy and products. Brett explained that before moving to Mexico, he started living a holistic lifestyle, one which nourishes the mind, body and soul. He had worked with many herbs and teas in the US and soon noticed a lack of available products in the Riviera Maya. His passion for health and love for the area started Diosa Organics.

“Diosa Organics was inspired by Goddess, Mother, Mother Earth, and the birth of Conscious Living; nurturing your Body, Mind, and Soul with nutrition, conscious activities, and a natural lifestyle. Diosa is a representation of my personal respect and recognition of a great shift of conscious creativity returning to the Divine Feminine.” explained owner Brett Acker. As a mother nourishes her child, Diosa Organics helps each person nourish themselves.

Their endeavor began in 2014 with their first product Kombucha.“Kombucha is a symbiotic culture of beneficial bacteria and yeast living in harmony. Kombucha eats sugar and caffeine, usually in the form of a tea, and over a few weeks of fermenting produces a probiotic elixir! This Nectar of the Gods, as the Chinese refer to it, is loaded with natural probiotic bacteria, vitamins, minerals and alkaline forming acids. Kombucha regulates intestinal flora, detoxifies the body, balances pH, improves oxygen performance in cells and improves digestion, just to name a few of the many benefits.” siad Brett. Since Kombucha was not available here in the Playa area, it became popular quickly with many expats The success of their first product led to the creation of super food mixes and packaging of Chia and Tapioca. They have two great teas Jiaogulan or popularly Gynostemma and Black Oolong.

Diosa Organic products increase the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote or restore normal physiological functioning.

Diosa Organics Natural supplements in Playa del Carmen

So if you’d like to supplement your health when on your Riviera Maya vacation, or continue a healthy regime you do at home, you can find Diosa Organics on Facebook, and the many markets held through the area. Retail outlets also sell their products. Stop into local Playa stores Bio Organicos, Fresco Habito, La Senda Vegana, La Bendecida, Palapa Suuk, Yoga Loft, or visit El Vegetariano in Tulum. Be sure when visiting these markets to try their flagship original product, artesenal Kombucha which now comes in a few flavors.

Read more about the Kava Kasa Market on Tuesdays. Markets are a great place to meet locals and expats selling their own products.

Crystal is an expat mom who has been living her dream in the Riviera Maya since 1998. She is the first to admit that her kids get her out exploring and trying new things from beaches to cenotes, dance classes to organic markets. She is a great supporter and advocate of local businesses and grass roots organizations that bring new ideas and products to the area. She is particularly good at finding family activities and healthy food options that take you off the beaten path and into local neighborhoods. Her passion lies within the arts community whether it be painters, musicians or dancers.