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What and Where is the Riviera Maya, Yucatan and Yucatan Peninsula

Riviera Maya, Yucatan and Yucatan Peninsula

The big question of the day, if not the year, has been; where exactly is the Yucatan, what are the borders of the Yucatan Peninsula and really what defines the Riviera Maya. Is the Yucatan and Yucatan Peninsula the same thing?

All great questions and we do know the answer. As locals living in and traveling through these very areas we do know the difference between these very distinct and…

Akumal Restaurants – Beachfront Dining at its Best

Akumal Restaurants Lol Ha

Akumal is the Place of the Turtles, a southern beach town that faces the inlets of Akumal Bay, Half Moon Bay and South Akumal. What this glorious location offers is beachfront dining overlooking the Caribbean Sea for breakfast lunch and dinner. If you are hoping to hang with the local crowd, take a few steps off the beach just inside the arches and you will find some passionate restaurateurs that…

Playa del Carmen Restaurants – An Eclectic Mix of International Flavors

Playa del Carmen Restaurants

Playa del Carmen, the second largest city in the Riviera Maya and the most popular vacation spot, is full of wonderful surprises. This city boosts beautiful beaches, affordable vacation homes and boutique hotels in a cosmopolitan atmosphere not found anywhere else on the coast.

The international influences that shaped this destination is what makes this city different. Foodies from all over…

Cheap Doctor and Dental Services in the Riviera Maya

Doctors and Dentists in the Riviera Maya

It is true. Many people travel to the Riviera Maya to take advantage of cheaper dental and medical services. The beach is the first reason people love this area, but the inexpensive health care and dental services run a pretty close second to the Mayan Ruins and cultural history.

Local dentists and doctors have a fee per service price list that is a lot cheaper than services in the north or…

January Events in the Riviera Maya – Add value to your Vacation

Riviera Maya January Events

Happy New Year to all! We are so happy that part of your New Year plan is a vacation in the Riviera Maya! What a great way to start off the new year! 2015 is jammed with great activities both on and off the beach, so get ready for a list of events that are scheduled for January 2015.

If you are new to the Riviera Maya, let us fill you in an a secret. Many local events are not highly…

Fly Over the Riviera Maya!

Loco Gringo Aerial Maps Riviera Maya Costa Maya

Aerials of the Riviera Maya are up & flying!
We just wanted to let you know that Loco Gringo has added over 100 aerial images to our tour by plane over the Riviera Maya. Fly over Akumal, Soliman Bay, Tankah, over the Mayan Ruins of Tulum and down to the Sian Kaan Biosphere!

As we progress, we will be adding more and more aerial views of our vacation rentals with links to their pages a…

Are You Ready to Be Among the Bravest?

the bravest race isla mujeres

This 5Km obstacle course will surely be for the intrepid.  Registration is underway for the daring and bold.  During the race, five people will be chosen as part of a casting for the reality show “La Isla, 2015” of TV Azteca.

“La Isla”, the Reality, is a television show on TV Azteca. A reality show that puts the mental and physical strength of 18 fearless men and women to the test.

Local North Akumal Gals Make Steps to Protect the Turtles

sea turtle nesting season riviera maya

May through October is sea turtle nesting season along much of the Riviera Maya coastline.
By late summer it is no surprise to see hatchings making their way out to sea, while the last of the female turtles come into nest on our shores.   Akumal, known as the place of Turtles is always one of the prime spots locals and tourists alike come to see turtles.   Two women in North Akumal Rocio Cu…

While in the Riviera Maya Day-trip Over to Cozumel

fun things to do in Cozumel, Mexico

There is so much to do in the Riviera Maya
Tt’s easy forget that Cozumel Island is just a ferry boat ride away. Cozumel is an easy day trip to can add some unforgettable variety to your next Riviera Maya vacation. It’s actually very different than the mainland and really has that Caribbean island feel, in this case, a world famous one, known for its spectacular reefs.

The name Cozumel cam…

While in the Riviera Maya – Discover & Enjoy Temazcal

Temazal Dos Palmas near Tulum

Long before travelers and tourists came to the Riviera Maya the pre-hispanic people of Mesoamerica were had their own type of spa services set up, a temazcal.  Essentially a sweat lodge which was used to purify the body, like after a ceremonial ball game.   These sweat lodges are enclosed domes where a pit of hot rocks are in the center and water is poured on them.  As the heat and steam…

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