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Art At The Craziest Level, Le Lotus Rouge Playa del Carmen

Do you want to go to a magical place, a hidden gem located in Playa del Carmen? Do you want to awake the need and passion for art. Do you want to experience a unique place that because of its uncommon vibe gets sometimes underestimated? Let’s go to Le Lotus Rouge in Playa del Carmen where you will find all of this under one roof.

Art Redefined at Lotus Rouge

What comes to your mind when someone says the word art? You could picture classic art; music, theater and paintings. What if we could tell you there is a crazy option in Playa del Carmen where you can find all these art forms combined and taken to the next level: the craziest level of art.

Le Lotus Rouge is more a magical place than just an artistic place. There is nothing left untouched in the art world at Lotus Rouge. There are musicians, actors, singers, painters and lovers of art who get together to create, design or simply enjoy all the different options. It is not a restaurant, nor a coffee place, not a museum nor a theater. It is all of that and much more.


Every day is a New Artistic Adventure at Lotus Rouge

One day you can be asked to tell your life story and let the actors interpret your story through a live performance. On another day you will belly dance the night away. Visit another day and you will be listening to a rock band. You could be dancing the Tango another night! Lotus Rouge has become a favorite place for both visitors and locals. They love the combination of food and drinks with the art form of the day. Every day is a surprise and not one wants to miss out on the fun.

piano-lotus-rouge-playa del carmen

A Unique Twist at Lotus Rouge

What makes this place so unique is this. When you get tired of your every day stress, when you feel like doing nothing but just relax Lotus Rouge offers different theme rooms; Planetarium Room, Romeo & Juliet Room, Wild Africa Room; where guests can just sit and chill. If you want to participate in an activity Lotus Rouge lets you play piano or strum on a guitar? Painters and artists love the space where they are free to create through painting or drawing.

Le Lotus Rouge also works as a platform for new local artists. Any form of expression gets its own space here. People from all over the world get together and sharing experiences, languages, recipes and laughs. No matter what your mood is, there is always something at Le Lotus Rouge that will make you feel at home.

Here you can have access to Le Lotus Rouge general information.

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