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Ancient Mayan Herbal Massage-From Head to Toes

Bric Spa Center

As locals, we understand how Spa services in Riviera Maya can be overwhelming sometimes. There are so many options it gets difficult to choose between one or the other. Thankfully there are many spas that standout from the rest, offering quality service, and an experience, not just a massage. We just found a spa that focuses on providing more of a cultural spa experience than just a service.

Bric Spa in Playa del Carmen


Bric Spa is a brand new Massage and Treatment Center that offers quality services. Try a head massage, or a full body deep tissue massage. Their therapists offer Reiki healing, body wraps and more. The favorite treatments so far are the ones using a diverse selection of natural, local ingredients that are used in Mayan healing. Bric Spa combines technique and aromas, soothing music with interesting room décor inspired by Mayan culture. You will even love the level and tone of voice of your therapist who works hard to create a relaxing environment in the massage rooms.  Bric Spa is located right in the heart of Playa del Carmen, conveniently close to everything so you can pop in for a treatment.

The Purpose of Herbal Massage


Every natural product used in the herbal massage is designed to awaken your senses. The therapist starts at your  feet, as your feet are just as important as the rest of your body. Then the therapist deeply massages your head, hitting important pressure points to release stress.  They continue with arms and legs adding the right amount of pressure and warmth and using infused oils that soften the muscles and skin. Lighting and music sets the mood. There´s nothing in the room that doesn’t inspire comfort. Every time they switch to a different part of your body the smell of the room is simply delicious.

All About The Ingredients Used at Bric Spa


Bric Spa differs from other Spa Centers as they grow all of the ingredients or most of them on their property. The herbs are used to create the lotions, exfoliates and infused oils.  One of the therapists used a mix of Chaya (mayan spinach), mint and sea to exfoliate my feet. Their body lotions are a mix of eucalyptus and cucumber. Coconut oil was infused in the treatment room leaving an aroma of hot cocoa in the room. For my sore muscles they used warm pouches filled with Tomillo, Basil and Cloves to relax my muscles. For neck support during the massage they put a fabric bag full of cherry seeds.  But their focus is not only on the outside of the body, but also on the inside. At the end of the massage you will be served a glass of fresh fruit water and a Vegan treat made with almonds, cacao and organic Vanilla.

We highly recommend the Ancient Mayan Herbal Massage for people who love to feel pampered while on vacation. You will also discover and experience the benefits of local ingredients grown at the spa. You can request this or other Spa services with Bric Spa or contact [email protected] to book your Ancient Mayan Herbal Massage and treat yourself like a Mayan God!




Paulina is a crazy animal lover who has been living in the Riviera Maya for over 9 years. Her expertise is designing unique vacations for travelers and visitors. This comes from her desire to share her area knowledge, local restaurant secrets, and cool cultural experiences that have been a large part of her life on the coast. Paulina never sits still on her day off as she feels there is always something to see, a new beach to check out or a new restaurant to try. She loves answering questions and helping you plan your next vacation. [email protected]

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