LocoGringo an icon for the Riviera Maya

Our first trip to the Riviera Maya was in 1990.

Gary and I got the chance to organize trips for certified cave divers to the area to dive the now famous cenotes and underground rivers. I clearly remember how I felt on my first trip; sitting on top of our luggage in a turquoise VW bus jammed with stuff and people, and feeling an awesome sense of adventure. I handed out cold cervezas to celebrate the beginning of our journey. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the Riviera Maya would become my greatest life adventure, and my home.

After several incredible trips, in ’92 following our passion for cave diving we were offered jobs so we packed-up, said “buh-bye” to Baltimore and “hola” to Akumal Mexico.
We worked for a local dive shop and after a few years, as a side gig, started our website LocoGringo.com, to provide travelers with local information about the Mexican Caribbean. The internet was new and exciting in ’96! No one could have anticipated the popularity and the online community our website would develop. LocoGringo opened up a world of new options for thousands of tourists and travelers who had the same dream of the tropics and wanted to discover it as we had. LocoGringo offered incredible places to stay, good eats and awesome things to do.

Times have changed of course, from not much info available in 1996 to an information overload today (almost 16 million results in Google), Loco Gringo with our local team has remained a leader in easy-to-find current local knowledge, insights and ability to create amazing vacation experiences to people like you who want to make the most out of your vacation time, easily.

You want the best out of your trip to Mexico, we understand that, and we want that too.

It is because of you that we have launched our new local services directory and local concierge. With updates about new restaurants, activities, and cool things to do, you now have more info right at your fingertips. We went back to our first Riviera Maya experiences to recall what made our visits so special. It came down to a local who hooked us up with exactly what we needed, so we made sure that was a part of our thinking with our local directory. Paulina will be that local gal who shares information that only a local would know. She will make your vacation or travel experience go beyond what any guide book or forum can provide. Like our reservation team, she is fun, helpful and the go-to person who can create a one of a kind trip. If you want a trip you remember for all the right reasons, Paulina is ready to create that experience for you.

So what are you waiting for? Dig into our local listings, email Paulina and start planning your next great adventure or vacation!paulina-rivera-1844