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May 8, 2014
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May 20, 2014
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A Perfect Day in Akumal – Turtles, Cenotes, Great Food


Akumal is our hometown in the Riviera Maya and we think every day in Akumal is the Perfect Day! This Perfect Day in Akumal is one of many but today we are looking at part of the day off the beach and part of the day on the beach in Akumal.

Starting your Perfect Day in Akumal


We do one of two things when we start our day in Akumal, it will depend on you whether you choose option 1 or option 2. A long walk on the beach is a great way to start the day in Akumal. The beach is a popular spot in this seaside town so getting up early and having the beach to yourself on a sunrise walk is a glorious way to start the day. FOr snorkelers, the early morning activity we recommend is a snorkel in Half Moon Bay to see the turtles. The turtles are early risers and they love playing close to the shore before anyone else gets up, so put on your snorkel gear and witness the early morning ritual of the Akumal turtles. The early morning snorkel ensures that you dont get too much sun and you have the turtles all to yourself.

Breakfast off the Beach in Akumal


Our good friends Jen and Bart own the Turtle Bay Cafe, a favorite for breakfast (and lunch and dinner!) I would love to have the guts to ice cream for breakfast as Jen’s home made ice cream is the best I have ever had, but being the reasonable one, and the logical one, I am opting for her local inspired eggs, teh Mayan Florentine! Love this dish, though there are about 10 more dishes I love at Turtle Bay Cafe, but this is a great local breakfast.

Aktun Chen for an off the beach adventure in the caverns


I have to say that Aktun Chen locatedĀ  minutes from Akumal on the west side of the highway, has the best guided tour and overview of what local caverns and cenotes are. Aktun Chen has a dry cave and a cenote (fresh water sinkhole). The local guides who take you through the system are the most knowledgable I have come across in the area. Caverns and cenotes are one of the highlights of Yucatan Penisula. Understanding how the systems were formed, the important role they have played through history and in the local culture makes this tour well worth it! The tour takes about 2 hours and they run a few times a day. Taking the early morning tour means you are the first group in and have a guide who is ready to share all of their information.

The Perfect Afternoon in Akumal


Now this what everyone does in Akumal in the afternoon, they head to the beach! The beach in Akumal is a great place to have a siesta, meet new people, have a beer (or two), read or walk. It is the center of this town’s action and all you have to do is chill. Take advantage of the sea breeze, take advantage of the shade from a palm tree, take advantage of the beautiful view. Your vacation began this morning but really it begins now!

Happy Hour with friends and friends you have not even met yet


La Buena Vida is a popular place for Happy Hour! Located on a small rise over looking the ocean, stories, cervezas and good music sums up this local hang out. If a local hang out is not what you need right now, I bet you have a great terrace in your vacation rental that could be the perfect perch for your happy hour. Give La Buena Vida a try, it is really fun and you will meet people who know how to create another Perfect Day in Akmual!

Dinner Beachside in Akumal


Depending on which day you are having your Perfect Day in Akumal, you could have dinner beachside at Lol Ha and take advantage of their live music and salsa dancing or you can walk to the north along Half Moon Bay and have dinner at La Lunita. Lol Ha does require reservations, especially on music nights. La Lunita has more flexibility but does have fewer tables than Lol Ha. Take your pick but know that you will enjoy both options.

This is one of many perfect days that you can spend in Akumal. We have more up our sleeve and will be sharing other Perfect Days in Akumal in the weeks to come. If you are new to Akumal or have fallen into a routine, this is a Perfect Day in Akumal that can be repeated again and again.

Not familiar with Akumal? Check out our local information about Akumal, Akumal beaches and vacation rentals in Akumal. Our Directory has lots of information about local restaurants and shops in Akumal.


Paulina is a crazy animal lover who has been living in the Riviera Maya for over 9 years. Her expertise is designing unique vacations for travelers and visitors. This comes from her desire to share her area knowledge, local restaurant secrets, and cool cultural experiences that have been a large part of her life on the coast. Paulina never sits still on her day off as she feels there is always something to see, a new beach to check out or a new restaurant to try. She loves answering questions and helping you plan your next vacation. [email protected]

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