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A Colorful 5 Kilometer Race at Coloréate 5K

There are so many Riviera Maya races, triathlons and marathons to participate in but nothing like Coloreate 5k. What makes this race unique is that there are no rules. You can run by yourself or in a group and some participants even run with their pet! So ANYTHING goes in this race. If you think you can excuse yourself from participating by saying your athlete abilities are not good enough, that is not going to fly in this race. This race is built for everyone no matter what your age is or physical condition. Coloreate 5k designed as a magical, colorful and exciting event rather than a competitive race. The goal is to have fun and share a ton of laughs with the entire community.


What is Coloreate 5k All About?

Sign up is easy, the cost is low, there are no age limits, and your registration includes glasses, bib number, two colorful powder bags and a t-shirt used on race day. All contestants start at the same point and throughout the entire race you can either run, jump, jog or even dance your way through the course if you like! Families, friends and the general public who are not participating in the actual race are responsible to throw handfuls of a non-toxic colorful powder on the runners. This makes the race a community event that has everyone involved. Runners end up with their entire body covered in the colored powder making them look like rainbows.

But the best part of the race is at the finish line. Tons of balloons, upbeat music, great snacks, live performances, dance contests and of course more of that colorful powder makes sure the party continues after all runners are finished. We think this is the ultimate level of fun.


How do I participate in Coloreate 5k!?

Every year more places all over the world join this wonderful tradition. In the Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen and Merida host a Coloreate 5k every year. The next Coloreate 5K race will be on October 11, 2015 in Cancun at 7am. It promises to amaze the attendants. Would you join in?

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