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3D Museum of Wonders in Riviera Maya

3D Museum

Hundreds of travelers visit the beautiful beaches of the Mayan Riviera but often forget about the rich culture this area offers. Playa del Carmen is proving it is not just a city that has beach parties. More and more cultural attractions are catching traveler’s attention with this focus on culture, the arts and local history.

A new Museum recently opened in the center of the city that is unique in so many ways. The 3D Museum of Wonders welcomes you to an incredible world where different dimensions will make you believe you are in an entirely different world.

The Beginning of Playa del Carmen’s 3D Museum

3D Painting

The artist, famous for creating 3D masterpieces, is Kurt Wenner from Michigan in the USA. The local government and Wenner combined their efforts to create a one of a kind Museum found only in the Riviera Maya. This museum needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. You will find his 3D master pieces come alive right in front of your eyes.

He has managed to combine geometry with classic art to create original 3D paintings. This technique is becoming popular in the arts world  as it offers visitors a way to interact with the museum not just observe. The museum recently opened February 12, 2016. Since the doors opened both locals and visitors have enjoyed what this 3D museum has to offer.

Not A Conventional Museum

Father Daughter at 3D Museum

The 3D Museum of Wonder creates a space between this world as we see it and another world of illusions. You are surrounded and a part of the art forms instead of looking at the art in front of you. The floor, the walls, and the ceiling take you on a tricky journey. Objects are melting, crushing and giving you the idea that you are about to fall. And if you think the museum is only attracting kids, think again! This is a 100% family friendly activity, with more adults enjoying the museum than kids.

When we say that the 3D Museum of Wonders is one of a kind, we are not joking. The art is one of a kind, the movie theater, which is part of your museum experience is also one of a kind. Documentaries show how this art form is created with techniques included in the films. It is a how to class to creating your own 3D art. This Museum not only showcases the 3D art technique but the creators want you to share the details so you can understand how it works. After you watch the documentaries your experience within the museum changes, your imagination is enhanced and your creativity come alive.

For Visitors And 3D Lovers

Surfing Playa del Carmen

3D Museum of Wonders is located right in the heart of Playa del Carmen with affordable entry prices for all visitors. Locals have a special rate just by showing their ID´s from Quintana Roo. The Museum is open 7 days a week from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm and the entrance covers the museum and cinema inside the Museum.

You can visit 3D Museum of Wonders page or contact your [email protected] for more information from this and other great activities for your family during holidays. Your feedback is extremely important to us, therefore we invite you to review your favorite places on our Directory.

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