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Carmen Beer Co-Riviera Maya Artisan Beer

Carmen Beer

If we could only try all the amazing things the Riviera Maya has inspired to be created. But we can actually taste the recent artisan beer that has Playa del Carmen town excited lately; Carmen Beer Co. The company recently opened their brewery in town and we were invited to the event to taste, smell and see the process of their product. We tried the different types of beer and as you can imagine we have a favorite.

In a place where culture sometimes gets lost in all the mixes and combinations, to have a local beer that distinguishes from the rest it´s priceless. Carmen Beer Co. is already starting gaining fans and being requested at the main Hotel chains of the region. This beer is definitely something else to be added to the list of “must try” at the Riviera Maya.

Carmen Beer The Origins

Coffee Flavored beer

And well, what about the name? It is very simple; every town has or must have its own beer so why not Playa del CARMEN? Therefore the name of this beer. The company just started making business at the Riviera Maya and has managed to sell their product in different popular bars in town. And there must be a reason for it, in the words of Fabián the manager; “The secret is in the water”, faithful to the authentic flavor of the town that gives the name to this beer.

Just a few weeks ago the factory and store opened its doors for everyone to try the product. We consider ourselves lucky to be among the first customers of this company. The uniqueness is not only in their product but starts from the ingredients and the process too. Everything has been cautiously selected to elaborate a pretty awesome beer that stands out from the rest.

Artisan Beer Vs Commercial Beer

Types of beer

We tried tree different types of beer: light beer, dark beer and  our favorite which had a coffee flavor. The family of beers they are making belong to the Ale´s which are fermented on the bottom part of the containers. The beer maker checks constantly the containers and taste the product until he decides it is good enough to be moved to the barrels.

The difference between a regular commercial beer and the artisan beer is the usage of human resources. Meaning that in order to create commercial beer you need mostly just a factory and standardized machines for the process. However to produce a good artisan beer the need of experts in beer is absolutely necessary. Even when Carmen Beer Co. uses equipment for the process, they still need specialized staff in beer, times, temperature and equipment to get the perfect final product. Another important thing is, when you are consuming artisan, local beer you are actually supporting the economy of the area and you get in return a product you won’t find anywhere else.

Where To Find Carmen Beer Co.

Carmen Beer Company

The beer is so different from the rest that is already taking Playa del Carmen over. You can find their product at different bars in town like Club De La Cerveza , La Finísima Caguamería de la Esquina and of course, the main place where you can find this artisan and 100% local beer it´s their brewpub. If you are interested in checking the process and nerding around the factory also, you will love the tour they offer. Carmen Beer Co. is located in Xaman Ha Plaza (Playa del Carmen), right in front of Centro Maya and next to Hospiten. You can find there all the different types of beer they produce.

We heard it from the manager so we know it is true; the company has purchased new equipment that will be used to brew different liquors and not only beer. Imagine all the delicious drinks that will be created there, maybe a new different type of mezcal. At this moment they have their different types of beer available for private and public events. You can actually purchase a barril of 5 liters for $2,200 pesos or so and the sizes of barrels go up as the rates.

If you want to try the tour Carmen Beer Co. offers or simply want to request some barrels for an upcoming event, do not hesitate to contact your [email protected] that will make it happen.

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