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Playa del Carmen Weekly Markets – Coco Beach EcoMarket

Playa del carmen Coco Beach eco market

Coco Beach is a beautiful neighborhood and beach in Playa del Carmen. The market is on the north side of Playa just off Avenida CTM, a main street to the north of Ave Constituyentes. This neighborhood is home to the Coco Beach Marina, Canibal Royal Beach Club, The Elements Condos, and more. Many of you may have gone to this area to hop on your fishing boats, dive boat or load up for a snorkel excursion. On Fridays, you will also find a fun and cozy market located in the Alizes Condos. Market hours are from 9 am to 11 am. It’s a great place to start your Friday with a fresh brewed, organic coffee and homemade pastry!

Why Go to the Coco Beach EcoMarket?


If visiting for a day or staying in Playa del Carmen, you may wonder where the best places have healthy treats and a like minded community. Coco Beach Market provides both of these as well as a nice place to meet locals and other visitors. Your participation will be helping the local economy and entrepreneurs. You will also meet the masterminds behind each product whether it be home crafted souvenirs or homemade goodies.

A Special Treat for Those on Special Diets


If you are used to a special diet at home such as organic or gluten free, the local markets are the place to go. You will meet people who are versed in these diets and make goodies such as gluten free bread, vegan products or specialize in vegetarian meals. Locals know that it is hard to find these specialized items here in Mexico, so they have decided to take things into their own hands and have them available for you through the markets! In fact, the co-founder for this market, Anja, has her own bakery, Das Brot (located at Av 40 with Calle 10), if you want to indulge during other times in the week.

Whether you are staying in Playa for your whole vacation or just visiting for the day, come by the Coco Beach Eco Market on Fridays between 9 am and 11 am. If you are interested in other markets in the area, check out this article that reviews the Paamul Weekly Market held each Thursday.

Crystal is an expat mom who has been living her dream in the Riviera Maya since 1998. She is the first to admit that her kids get her out exploring and trying new things from beaches to cenotes, dance classes to organic markets. She is a great supporter and advocate of local businesses and grass roots organizations that bring new ideas and products to the area. She is particularly good at finding family activities and healthy food options that take you off the beaten path and into local neighborhoods. Her passion lies within the arts community whether it be painters, musicians or dancers.